Adrian Blackwood

CTO Speedoc, Board Member AMI Group

Continue to push towards a world where physical and digital are indistinguishable from one another, a world where AI is for good, and the intelligence we choose to embed around us will help to reach a new level of excellence. I bring proven experience as CEO, CTO, Innovation Program Manager: AI Engine Architecture, IoT Device Design, AI in HealthCare research, Product and Project Management foundation. Deep experience team lead roles building and deploying innovation focused technologies and services. Helped over 275+ project clients to make the products successful along with increasing user satisfaction. I focus on Product Design technologies that enable connections progressing the physical internet: By merging best practices’ and innovative architecture in bringing IOT+ AI together, i focus on how best to use AI-enabled IOT hardware to show use cases built on algorithms within articulated intelligent environments, and how deep reinforcement machine learning will radically evolve this.

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