Emeritus ICT Dr. Asle K. Berger

Chair & Future Developer
FutureForum Norway

Dr. Asle K. Berger is Technology Future Developer and Trendsetter, with a Life Career as a Solver of complex Business-Tech problems. The modus operandi of Asle has been as a project- and digital nomad for more than 45 years. Dr. Asle is an engaging teacher and speaker, and has frequently been invited as guest lecturer at universities and as speaker on subject matter conferences. He has worked 21 years with Gemini Consulting and the Capgemini Group. Prior to that, Dr. Asle worked 15 years with Norconsult International, and 8 years as part of the Norwegian Petroleum Consultants Group. For six years he was Chief Technical Advisor and Programme Manager for larger UN-UNDP and World Bank projects in Asia and Africa. In all companies, in addition to the project deliveries, he has had formal line roles such as Vice President, Director or Manager of departments or disciplines and Research Fellow. Since 2009 assisting some 50 International Young Professionals on career dev’t, and some 100 start-ups through Oslo International Club, Hub and Executives

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