Prof. Evi Zouganeli

Board member Norwegian AI Society

Prof. Evi Zouganeli current research interests focus on architectures and algorithms for Intelligent Systems, in particular aiming at Human-Artificial Intelligence interaction and collaboration, for a range of applications. She has an MSc in Telecommunications, a PhD in Semiconductor nanodevices, both from University College London, UK; and a Master of Management from the Norwegian School of Management (BI). After a postdoc at ETH Zürich, she joined Telenor R&D where she was active in a series of European research projects – in broadband networks, optical switching, and the Internet on Things – and European Networks of Excellence. She also did consultant work on network technology strategy and roadmap, and new business opportunities. Since 2008, her research has gravitated towards Machine Learning and AI, first in the Internet of Things, then in Medical Informatics at Radium Hospital, and later in Assistive Technologies at Oslo Metropolitan University, where she now heads research group Automation, Robotics, and Intelligent Systems. She is a Board member of the Norwegian Artificial Intelligence Society, NAIS.

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