Lin Hsin Hsin

Visionary IT & AI inventor INFOTECH Research & Consultancy

Deeply rooted in mathematics, technology, art and music, Lin Hsin Hsin is a digital native, an IT inventor and visionary some 20 years ahead of time, her bibliography is available in 28 languages. Among others, Lin is the founder of the first virtual museum in the world, the Lin Hsin Hsin Art Museum, 1994. Lin is the first person in the world authored the phenomenon of cryptocurrency, 1996, therein, eWallet security was highlighted. Lin, a zero-day grade cyber security specialist renowned for Android, biometrics, blockchain, cryptocurrency, digital identity, QR code threat intelligence. Lin, the mathematician, has 5 mathematical theorems to her name, has invented a paradigm shift encryption algorithm, 2017, as well as architected the patent-grade 100% DAG-based next generation Blockchain 3.0 SpaceGraph™ Protocol in the same year. Lin is an author of 75books, severalbook chapters, dozens of academic papers. Lin is the organizer and a speaker of the first AI conference in Singapore, 1988.

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