Prof. Mehul Bhatt

Örebro University (Sweden), CoDesign Lab

Mehul Bhatt is Professor within the School of Science and Technology at Orebro University (Sweden). His basic research focusses on the formal, cognitive, and computational foundations for AI technologies with a principal emphasis on knowledge representation, semantics, integration of commonsense reasoning & learning, explainability, spatial representation and reasoning, and cognitive vision. Visuospatial cognition and computation has been an area of intense activity from the viewpoint of interdisciplinary research. His research in Spatial Cognition and AI particularly emphasises the study of human behaviour (embodied multimodal interaction) in naturalistic settings as a principal means of AI technology driven human-centred cognitive assistance in planning, decision-making, design situations requiring an interplay of commonsense, creative, and specialist visuospatial thinking. Mehul Bhatt steers CoDesign Lab (, an initiative aimed at addressing the confluence of Cognition, Artificial Intelligence, Interaction, and Design Science for the development of human-centred cognitive assistive technologies and interaction systems. Through academic and industry projects, Mehul Bhatt’s lab has a track-record in developing cognitive assistive technologies and cognitive interaction systems –with a special emphasis on AI-Driven Cognitive Interaction and Design Technologies– in application contexts where human-centred engineering and human-in-the-loop automation are critical, for instance: autonomous systems (i.e., high-level cognitive interpretation, interaction and control); AI-driven architecture and built environment design; communications and media design technologies (i.e., multimodal perception and synthesis, visuo-auditory media design). Mehul Bhatt obtained a bachelors in economics (India), masters in information technology (Australia), and a PhD in computer science (Australia). He has been a recipient of an Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship, a German Academic Exchange Service award (DAAD), and an Australian Post-graduate Award (APA). He was the University of Bremen nominee for the German Research Foundation (DFG) Award: Heinz Maier-Leibnitz-Preis 2014.

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